What We Do

What We Do

Project management and best machinery acquisition from the industry.

Putting up a new factory requires careful planning and execution (from construction to equipment installation to workforce training). It calls for a project management approach that involves experienced specialists. Everything has to come together at the right time.

Building layouts

Thinking of the overall layout will help to improve material flow and save a lot of internal logistics costs down the road. The number of levels might depend on the amount of real estate available, the size of the equipment to be used in production, the management and maintainence risk categarization in the plant, and other such considerations.

We dives deper into the details. We help our clients answer questions such as: What machines and equipment are needed, what level of equipment reliability and how much automation is called for, how to arrange the workstations, how to ensure processes are tightly linked for lower costs and shorter lead times, etc

Analyzing processes for troubleshooting

When mistake proofing is not enough or not possible, we favor two other types of approaches.Root cause analysis, followed by corrective actions and followup. It is important to trigger this action as early as possible. Design of experiments, when many variables may impact the final result and the cause of the problems is not clear.

Benefits of Our Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Solutions

Our industrial machinery solution vertical handles various solutions aimed at maintaining plants, ranging from maintenance and mechanical engineering to production analysis. We help our customers overcome their daily challenges in manufacturing facilities such as over-spent budgetsand inconsistent quality to improve production process efficiency hence better productivity.

The major benefits of our factory maintenance solutions are as follows:

  • Reduced downtime and increased reliability
  • Reduced expenses and improved workforce safety
  • Consistent spending and enhanced quality
  • Talent acquisition to workaround fast-changing customers’ plant environment
  • Reduction or elimination of sudden or unexpected outages
  • Decreased business challenges
  • Optimized manufacturing processes

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